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I love to understand the way things work in the world.  I've always taken things apart just to discover how they are put together.  This is what makes me an intentional and thoughtful designer - I focus on the why.  I'm passionate about creating tools that improve people's lives and leave a lasting impact.


Successful design is iterative, and great ideas are born through the design process.  I utilize a human-centered approach with an emphasis on problem solving.  I strive to continuously learn and am always stretching my knowledge and skillset.  My goal is to create experiences that leave powerful impressions on users and help businesses thrive.


Be Passionate

I believe that in order to truly be successful, you have to be passionate about what you do.  When you are excited about what you get to wake up and do every day, you not only produce better results but also feel more fulfilled and impactful.

Keep Learning

As humans, we are always learning new things from the people and environments around us.  It's important to keep pushing boundaries and learning in order to progress and improve, both professionally and outside of work.

Find Balance

Having a balance between work and life is extremely important to me.  I am able to produce better work while also feeling fulfilled in my personal life.  Life is too short to not do all the things you want to do - so try them all!


My Dogs

I love spending time with my 3 pups!  They love to go on long walks, swim in the lake, and beg for yummy food.  They keep me active and smiling.


Exploring the great outdoors, whether near or far, is a passion of mine.  I feel at peace in nature and marvel at the thought of all the places I have yet to see.  A goal of mine is to visit every National Park.


Growing up in a large Italian family, food has always been at the center of our gatherings.  I love exploring new restaurants and trying new cuisines.  I'm always on the hunt for some good food, especially dessert!

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