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Interactive Prototype

Researching, pitching, and prototyping a mobile application that serves a need and provides a service

This was a seven week project where I worked individually to research and design an interactive prototype for the Humane Society of Summit County.  I developed the design from initial research to usable prototype.  I began with a project brief, created site maps and screen flows, developed several levels of wireframes, and finally produced iterations of interactive prototypes.

The Problem

I was tasked with designing an application that provides a service for users.  I decided to create a mobile platform for the Humane Society of Summit County to not only allow but also encourage people to adopt animals and volunteer at the shelter.  I decided to focus on four main features: adoption, volunteering, education, and humane help.

Initial Explorations + Research

I began by researching the Humane Society of Summit County and the needs of potential users.  I created a project brief to outline these ideas and describe the project in detail. 

I then moved on to creating site maps and screen flows to show content flow and navigation for the application.

Initial Wireframes

HSSC Wireframes Annotated.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated2.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated3.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated4.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated5.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated6.jpg

Feedback + Revisions

I received valuable feedback from my peers that helped me to revise the design.  I reworked the layout of screens and also adjusted details like buttons, carousels, and menus.  By working through an iterative process, I was able to produce a more successful design with an efficient navigation and effective elements.

Revised Wireframes

HSSC Wireframes Annotated_Revised.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated_Revised2.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated_Revised3.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated_Revised4.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated_Revised5.jpg
HSSC Wireframes Annotated_Revised6.jpg

Interactive Prototype

I took my revised wireframes and began to make them usable by adding interactive elements and connecting them.  I studied the navigation in more detail here and explored transitions.  I further examined my UI elements as well and their state changes as the user interacts with them.  I designed several iterations to achieve the most successful final design.

View my interactive prototype here.

Design Takeaways

The goal for this interactive prototype was to create an efficient and enjoyable user experience for users of the Humane Society of Summit County.  The application offers four main functions: adoption, volunteering, education, and humane help.  The app strives to offer a space for users to browse adoptable animals, schedule volunteer sessions, gain animal education, and even more.  In order for this design to succeed, I had to design features that offer users the most successful experience possible through a systematic and satisfying flow. 

Lessons Learned

This project allowed me to work on a project from conception to prototyping.  I was able to take my early ideas and mold them into my design through research and iterations.  I learned what I did successfully and what I needed to revise through peer reviews and self checks.  I continued to progress my research and wireframing skills while I learned how to make a prototype interactive.  Overall I found it extremely helpful and rewarding to work on this design from start to prototype.

All images are courtesy of Humane Society of Summit County.

All text regarding food dogs cannot eat is courtesy of American Kennel Club

Next Project

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